My name is Federico!

Born in Milano, grown up near Hamburg and now living in the Ruhr region in Germany, pen-pusher, proud dad. I would describe myself as colorful – whatever I do gets chameleonic.

Besides pizza, I love to make and produce my own music and like to dress up in a Mediterranian style (yes, you can invest a lot of time in that).

I’ve come to the pizza passion after I paid my birth town a brief visit in 2017 and ate the best pizza ever there. Driven by ambition, I achieved pretty useful but never definite results.

End of 2020 I was given a small gas-fired pizza oven – and this literally changed my life. During the following months I’ve dived into videos and documentations, especially from Italian pizza enthusiasts and professionals. So I collected thousands of information fragments and put them together to an overall picture.

I find everyone should be able to enjoy good pizza, thus I want to pass my knowledge on. While establishing ties between German or better international People and professional expertise from Italian sources, I permanently learn new things, too.

By the way: If any questions come up, I’ll be at your disposal personally via my social media channels.

Having said this,
Viva La Pizza!